You've Been Pronouncing Adidas Wrong

How embarrassing
You've Been Pronouncing Adidas Wrong

If you asked me what I was wearing on my feet right now I would tell you, "why I'm wearing my 'a-DID-das' Superstars of course and thank you for asking". Nothing strange there I think you agree, except if I was in Germany I would have just lost the entire country's respect.

Because for my entire 29 years of life I have been pronouncing Adidas wrong and you know what, I bet you have as well.

Yes, the people at The Today Show have finally exposed us and revealed that the actual way to pronounce our favourite three stripe brand is "ah-dee-dahs". Say it with me now, AHH-DEE-DAHS, AHH-DEE-DAHS, AHH-DEE-DAHS.

Now book that plane ticket to Berlin shame-free.

H/T Cosmo UK