9 Things That Are Only Acceptable When Travelling

Planning a getaway? We’ll bet you a window seat that you’ll tick off at least half of these…
9 Things That Are Only Acceptable When Travelling
By Brooke Dallow -

1. Exploiting your accent. Why would this be okay? To meet new friends, or (ahem) chat up cute guys, of course. The same goes for local slang. Sure, you’d never dream of purposefully calling that hot guy at Barasti “Habibi” as part of your charm offensive, but when you’re in NYC, or Amsterdam? Totally okay. And we bet he loves it, too.

2. Sleeping in public. Honesty here – at no other time (unless you’re under the age of four, or possibly over the age of 80) is it socially acceptable to nap in the company of complete strangers other than while on a plane, train or bus. Which also means it’s the only time it’s (almost) acceptable for strangers to see you drool or hear your snore.

3. Wearing ‘out of your fashion-comfort zone’ outfits. Usually a jeans, boots and blazer kind of girl? Morphing into a brightly-coloured harem pants and sparkly flip flop kind of girl while on holiday in Goa is totes okay... Even if you bury them at the back of your wardrobe in shame when you get home.

4. Travel gadgets. Like the Hoodie Pillow. If you’ve never heard of it, Google it. Do it. Also included on the travel gadget ‘only acceptable when travelling’ list: the Ostrich Pillow and the Shewee.

5. Outlet hogging. Got a seven hour delay at an airport? You’re going to need a plug so your iPad/smart phone can keep up with that seven-hour Netflix/Facebook/Candy Crush marathon you’re about to have. And once you find that plug you need to get close and stay close like there’s no other plug in the world. Unplug for a moment and roughly 50 per cent of the airport population will be muscling in on the free voltage. You’ve been warned.

6. Ordering a glass of bubbly at 7am. An early flight isn’t going to stand in the way of you celebrating the fact that you’re about to go on holidays. After all, it’s bound it be 6pm somewhere in the world…

7. Mixing all the perfumes. A spray of Dior, a spritz of Chanel and a few squirts of Lolita Lempinka? You know it! Because when you’ve got hours to kill in duty free heaven, it’d be practically a crime not to try out every free perfume tester available. The same goes for the 16 dollops of different hand creams you’ve used to cover every exposed area of skin.

8. Eating gifts you’ve bought for other people. You know those giant Toblerones you automatically associate with overseas trips? You’d never dream of getting through an entire one in a single sitting in real life, but when you’re travelling? Who cares that you bought it as a gift for your neighbour for watering your plants while you’re away. You’re stranded in flight delay hell and a terrible Dhs55 sandwich just isn’t going to cut it like an obscenely large serving of nougaty chocolate can.

9. Getting teary over home comforts. If you’re an expat, going home can be emotional. Like how you practically weep with joy at the sight of Cherry Ripes in Coles if you’re an Aussie. Or you obsessively hoard Mrs Ball’s Simba Chips on your trip back home to South Africa. Or when you want to shout from the rooftops your excitement about the new additions to the Percy Pig range in the UK. Ordinarily, this type of behaviour would be pretty weird, but when you’re travelling – completely understandable.