This Is Why The New Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette Is Made For The Middle East

This will soon be your go-to!
This Is Why The New Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette Is Made For The Middle East
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It's been almost a year since Huda Beauty's Desert Dusk palette hit the beauty shelves. The world (and I) couldn't get enough of those dusky metallic shades and the vibrant red tones. Since then, the Deserk Dusk palette's shades have appeared in several other palettes, including Urban Decay's 'Born to Run' and Kylie Jenner's 'Sorta Sweet'. Fenty Beauty is the latest brand to join in and we're already loving what we see. You know Rihanna isn't one to play around and when it comes to Fenty Beauty, she means business. With shades inspired by the Middle East, the Moroccan Spice palette seems made for the the region:

1. It's Perfect For Arab Style Make-up 

Arabic make-up is all about emphasising the eyes. With desert reds, henna browns and vibrant metallic shades, it's all you really need for that perfect Arabic smokey eye!

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2. The Colours Are Typical Of The Middle East

The Middle Eastern culture is extremely vibrant, which is reflected in the way we wear our make-up. From desert browns to spice-rich reds and golds, this palette captures the essence of the region perfectly.

3. With 16 Colours, It's All You'll Need For The Arab Smokey Eye

Arabic make-up needs a little bit of everything, from bright statement colours to neutral shades. It's truly a hassle switching from one palette to another to achieve that perfect blend. The Moroccan Spice palette has shades ranging from the brightest blue to the lightest gold. A girl who loves a smokey eye will need no other palette in her make-up bag!

Fenty Beauty is launching the Moroccan Spice Palette on July 6 alongside an eyeliner, eyelid primer and two eyeshadow brushes. Available at all Sephora outlets, and