5 Ways To Stay Productive In Dubai This Summer

A guide for students who aren't traveling!
5  Ways To Stay Productive In Dubai This Summer
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I know it sucks to see your friends' travel posts while you're vegging at home binge watching Netflix all day. You can still have an awesome and extremely productive summer right in Dubai, despite the sweltering heat. Here's our top 5 picks:

1. Get an internship

Internships are the best way to gain experience and you’d be surprised at how many places are willing to hire interns. Not only will you get great opportunity for first-hand experience but is also one of the most productive ways to spend your summer.

Cosmo says:
Find internship opportunities via:
a) Your university website.
b) Your LinkedIn account.
c) Some popular websites such as:

And Team Cosmo is hiring! Here's how you can apply:

2. Workout, dance, play! 

Being in shape during the summer is a STRUGGLE! And while working out indoors isn't ideal for anyone, there are some awesome classes out there which will make you jump out of bed. The summer membership packages are super affordable. Hello summer body!

Cosmo says: 
Do it in a funky way at these amazing places:
Pound at GFX Dubai
Float at Float UAE
Dance in a warehouse at The Fridge

3. Join a course

You can never learn or know enough. The more you know, the more attractive you'll be to future employers. Also, your can-do attitude will get you places and be noticed at Uni too.

Cosmo says: 
Try something new:
• Check out Skilldeer.
• Learn a new language at Eton Institute

4. Volunteer at a non-profit organization

Take some time out and give back. Not only does it feel really food, it's character building. Employers like hiring nice people! Foundations like Dubai Cares, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, EWS-WWF and many more are constantly looking for an extra set of helping hands.Not only will you 

Cosmo says:
Here's how you can make a difference:
• Be part of Dubai Care programmes
• Help animals too with Dubai Animal Rescue Centre

5. Explore the UAE

The UAE is an incredible place to live in and amazing restaurants, hotels and water parks aside, there are some wonderful activities you can enjoy. 

Cosmo says:
Forget the cliche tourist spots. See a new side to the city:
• Get your hands on some pearls with Pearl Diving Tour.
• Escape the heat and hike with UAE Trekkers.