6 Important New Visa Changes In The UAE Expats Need To Know

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6 Important New Visa Changes In The UAE Expats Need To Know

The UAE has been voted one of the best places on the planet for expats to live, work and settle! But with short-term visas and other restrictions, it wasn't easy to make the UAE home in the long run. We've got some awesome news! You CAN make the UAE home for as much as a decade now with amazing changes announced in 2018. It's kind of hard to keep track of everything that's happened and we thought we'd put it all in one place for you. Here's the most important stuff you NEED to know:

1.  Students can extend their residency visa for two years when sponsored by their parents

Parents don’t have to worry anymore that their children will need to pack up and leave the country once they finish their university studies. The new review by the UAE cabinet of the current residency system allows a two-year extension of the residency period for all dependents after graduating. Phew!

2. No more fines for people overstaying their visa

Earlier, if you overstayed your visa and then left the country, you would get a 'No Entry' stamp and wouldn't be able to come back to the UAE. Now, you can not only leave without a ban, you can come back within two years!

3. Job seekers can get a temporary 6-month visa

Job seekers who have overstayed their visa but want to continue to work in the UAE, can now get a temporary visa. This is especially for those who have lost their jobs and want to find a new one. The best part? The visa is FREE.

4. You can renew your visa without having to leave and re-enter the country

The UAE Cabinet now allows people who want to change their visa status to do so for a fee, without having to leave and re-enter the country. We're SO happy the days of having to take a red eye to get that stamp on your passport, are OVER.

5. Investors and key workers can get a 10-year visa

Investors can now own their businesses 100 per cent without a local partner AND get a 10-year visa to boot! Also, if you're a valued professional in the medical, scientific, research and technical fields or are a scientist, entrepreneur and innovator, you're eligible for long-stay visas too, along with your family. 

6.  Students are now eligible for a 5-year visa

If you're studying in UAE, you don’t have to apply to renew your visa every year! Students will now be able to secure five-year visas. And exceptional graduates could remain in the country for 10 years. Yay!