Highlights from Episode 1 of #HudaBoss, Mona and Huda Kattan’s New Reality Show

“The goal is to be the #1 beauty brand in the world”
Highlights from Episode 1 of #HudaBoss, Mona and Huda Kattan’s New Reality Show

I’ve finally figured out how to become a morning person – have #HudaBoss air everyday. Getting out of bed without an alarm has never been so easy. Here’s what we learned, bright and wide-eyed for our beauty boss fix, this morning:

“It’s probably not the right time to be pregnant”
Eeek, that’s what Huda says! Does this mean we can expect baby number 2 sometime soon? I once asked Huda whether she would want another baby and she wasn’t averse to the idea. So let’s see!

“We have some super products coming out and one of them is going to be a concealer!”

The next product that Huda’s working on is a concealer which she calls a “staple in every woman’s beauty bag.” Huda Beauty is all about inclusivity and her goal is to have people who didn’t think beauty was for them, loving and using her product. She’s shown working on “one of the darkest colours out there”, which if she succeeds in creating, would be “pretty cool,” she says.

“We’re going to have at least US$1.5 million loss!”

The formula for Huda Beauty’s concealer is not at all like she planned and she has to scrap everything and start from scratch. The concealer actually turned her skin orange! Oops.

Mona may be crushing on her ex PT

Jeremy, Mona’s ex PT is dreamy and recently single. Mona and he are seen hanging out at the desert and we totally saw some sparks fly!

Mona’s #DatesFromHell

Mona once thought she would have an arranged marriage much like her parents but quickly realised that was not for her. She has had a crazy dating life, however. From one guy thinking she was a spy to another wanting her to be his second wife and a third who married his cousin while Mona and he were still dating, it’s been cray cray!

Chris and Huda are #Couplegoals

Chris and Huda have been together since she was 17 years old and they still seem totally in love. When she calls him, he says “Hello beautiful”. How cute is that? Huda even says that if it wasn’t for Chris, Huda Beauty wouldn’t even exist.

Watch the full episode here:

#HudaBoss airs at 5am every Wednesday in the UAE on the Huda Boss Facebook Page