23 Real Dubai Problems from the #RichKidsofDubai

We can relate to, like, none of these
23 Real Dubai Problems from the #RichKidsofDubai
By Aoife Stuart-Madge -

  1. When you get salt water splash back on your designer silk cover up.

  1. When you really want some chips to go with your juice but you can’t be bothered to get the lift from the 101th floor down to the shop.

  1. When you get stopped for carrying a violent weapon but it’s really just your fancy pants nail polish bottle.

  1. When you want to wear an all-white outfit to match your car, but it’s after Labour Day.

  1. When your Dubai World Cup hat is too tall for your sports car.

  1. When the bonnet of your car heats up so much that you burn your hands and thighs trying to get a cute Insta.

  1. When you put on your blingiest top but a bunch of skyscrapers outshine you. 

  1. When you ruin your blowdry trying to take the perfect action shot. 

  1. When you’re cruising Jumeirah Beach Road with the top down but there are only a few workmen about to see you.

  1. When your heels are so high, you point blank refuse to walk any longer.

  1. When you just can’t decide what shoes to wear.

  1. When you buy so much at the Dubai Mall that you can’t carry all your bags yourself.

  1. When you can’t find that one pair of shoes you know is in the back of your wardrobe.

  1. When you’re too full to enjoy a swim.

  1. When you’re worried your neighbours can see into your bathroom.

  1. When you lean in the car window to grab your keys and this happens.

  1. When you can’t fit all your shopping in your boot.

  1. When you drop some money but are too embarrassed to bend down and pick it up.  

  1. When your pink dress clashes with your red car.

  1. When you’re on the 127th floor and you spot your BFF on the ground, and wave, but she can’t see you. 

  1. When you take ALL your heels out to take the perfect shoe- selfie, but then realise you have to tidy them all away again. Groan.

  1. When you’re a lil scared of your cat…

  1. But you worry you could lose your dog in your handbag.