Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look super relaxed after their 6 week break

And the couple's PDA hasn't gone anywhere since they were last out in public
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look super relaxed after their 6 week break
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Christmas is great and all that, but the day you go back to work after a nice long break has to come eventually - and being royal doesn't even make you exempt from the pain. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry experienced just that today, when they were brought back down to reality by making their first official visit in public since early November.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the Canadian High Commissioner to the UK at London's Canada House for their first royal duty of 2020, where they also viewed an exhibition. While there, the couple were eager to thank High Commissioner Janice Charette for the "warm welcome" they received from her country when they spent six weeks in Canada on an extended family break over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In the video footage and photographs from the engagement, both Meghan and Harry look notably relaxed and happy as they slide back into their royal regime. And one thing's for sure: the Sussexes haven't left their famous public displays of affection behind in 2019. The couple held hands for much of the visit this afternoon, and Meghan was filmed tenderly touching Harry's back on numerous occasions.

For the event, Meghan wore a spectacular camel coat, continuing the colour scheme with a brown silk skirt and a caramel-coloured polo-neck jumper. A-grade outfit, HRH.

It's hard to believe we've gone six whole weeks without seeing either the Duke or Duchess in an official capacity in public. But alas, it's true! Mid-November the couple flew to Canada with their baby son Archie (not that we knew it then) to spend a quiet month-and-a-half with family and friends. According to reports from locals in Vancouver Island, where the family based themselves for at least part of their trip, Meghan and Harry enjoyed jogging and hiking together in Canada's great outdoors.

On one hiking trip, which they took just after New Year with a group of friends including Meghan's former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer, the royals offered to take a photograph for a couple struggling with a selfie stick. The couple also treated us all to a previously-unseen picture of baby Archie over the Christmas period, in which the eight-month-old looks adorable all wrapped up in a brown coat and Ugg boots.

Ahhhh. Well, it's nice to have them back.