Billie Eilish has become the official Oscars 2020 meme and here's why

Side note: the 18 year old singer was also wearing head-to-toe Chanel for the Academy Awards (and we couldn't deal)
Billie Eilish has become the official Oscars 2020 meme and here's why
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The 92nd Academy Awards took place last night; stunning fashion moments, touching wins from foreign films (Parasite,) and hilarious moments that we just can't ignore. In true Hollywood awards-season fashion, the Internet finds a way to bring about a new viral meme. We're not complaining though, because this time it's of one of our fave young Grammy-award winners: Billie Eilish


The icon attended the Oscars 2020 as a performer and as a member of the audience. She sang a beautiful rendition of 'Yesterday' by The Beatles in memoriam for those who have passed away, including Kobe Bryant.

But before that happened, she sat through other non-Gen Z performances, and lets just say...she seemed very confused. 

The performance:

Her reaction:

Although the Bridesmaids duo, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig, are hilarious actresses to some, it looked like their singing skit was not an amazing performance to others. 

Ofc, the Internet clocked Billie's meme-worthy facial expression, and are now using the reaction for every 'relatable' tweet that you can think of. Scroll through to see some of our favourite picks...

Oh, and let's not forget Billie's priceless reaction to Eminem coming up on stage:


Billie won the Best Facial Reactions award in our opinion.