WTH is pumpkin doing in my skincare?

Sis, you knew this was coming
WTH is pumpkin doing in my skincare?

A tell-tale sign of the end of summer is the emergence of pumpkin…everywhere. From spiced coffees, breakfast cereals, and even chewing gum (#eww), pumpkin shows up in the unlikeliest of places. So why should we be surprised to see in it our skincare?

Turns out this fruit (don’t worry- we didn’t know that either) is more than a trendy autumn accessory for the ‘gram. It boasts skin-positive benefits, too. Thanks to its small molecular structure, pumpkin delivers skin-softening fatty acids, anti-aging antioxidants like vitamins A and C, and skin-brightening alpha hydroxy acids deep into the skin. It also contains line-smoothing vitamin E and oil-regulating zinc.

Can’t make it to the pumpkin patch? The Kocostar Pumpkin Mask made our skin look ultra-glowy and its little pumpkins slices gave us major #fallvibes.  In addition to the skin-luminating pumpkin, it contains de-puffing caffeine and hydrating sodium hyaluronate. The result? Instantly beautiful, glass-like skin to get you glowing into the new season!

Cosmo’s Tip: Carving pumpkins this autumn? Take your leftover pumpkin pulp, puree it, then mix with sugar for a DIY shower scrub!

To purchase: Kocostar Pumpkin Mask, www.beautysolutions.com, Limited edition + coming out around Halloween!