Selena Gomez responds to Patrick Starrr's review of Rare Beauty

Patrick Starr didn't use a lot of nice words when he reviewed make-up products from Rare Beauty
Selena Gomez responds to Patrick Starrr's review of Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez recently launched her make-up line with an impressive array of products, to say the list. The pop star's newly released make-up line has already gotten rave reviews online, from YouTubers to make-up artists. The impressive lightweight foundation comes in 48 shades - yes! sis made she had every single person covered.

Blushes, highlighters, lipsticks and primers are also part of her well curated collection, however, YouTuber Patrick Starr didn't exactly feel the same way about all the hype Rare beauty has gotten.

On his YouTube page whilst reviewing the pop star's make-up collection, he went on to express his opinion on the quality and consistency of the products. At some point, he even compared Rare Beauty to his eyeliner from his Sephora collection One/Size to Rare's saying, "I think I prefer mine over Rare. That's just me."

Is Selena really the founder of Rare beauty if she doesn't kill them with Kindness??? Exactly! So, of course, Rare Beauty took the high road and released a series of tweets expressing gratitude for all the reviews on their products, good or bad.

"We’re so thrilled by all the great feedback on @rarebeauty so far! It’s so uplifting to see how much love and support we’re receiving from the community for our brand mission and our products."