I just tried the new L’Oreal Steampod 3.0 and I’m shook

You need this.
I just tried the new L’Oreal Steampod 3.0 and I’m shook

The brand-new L’Oreal Steampod 3.0 landed on my desk today and, naturally, I took it for a spin round the block.

Now, before we go on, lemme just explain my hair sitch to you: I have the straightest hair you’ve ever seen. For year I’ve longed for that just-rolled-out-of-bed waves à la Shay Mitchell, or the kind of perfect Hollywood curls the Kar-Jenner clan pull of so well. But alas, the hair Gods gave me a fro so fine the most interesting thing I do with it every day is…brush it – until now.

Say hello to my favourite new curling device: the L’Oreal Steampod 3.0. The device lives by the term #SteamForAll, because it literally offers every kind of hairstyle, be it straight, wavy or full blown curls.

Press play to watch what happened when I put it to the test against my polka straight locks.

Impressive, oui? Especially considering it was my first go. Now just *imagine* what it’ll look like when I become a veteran user. I’ll be the best tressed gal on your IG feed, that’s what.

The L’Oreal Steampod 3.0 is available for Dhs870 on Boutiqaat, Nisnass and Namshi.

You’re welcome.