An online store dedicated to all things henna just launched in the UAE

Cute body art for the summer? Check!
An online store dedicated to all things henna just launched in the UAE

Wearing or drawing henna has been a popular beauty practice in the UAE for over 9,000 years. While it's connected to many traditional rituals in the region, it has also become much more modernised, and many women have come to love the body art and creative designs.

Forget those sticker glitter tattoos that we used to rock in 2014, henna is making a comeback

Dubai's one-stop henna spot, Dubai Henna by Sara, has just launched online and we couldn't be more excited. Sara is the first-ever internationally certified henna artist in the Middle East, and provides 100% organic henna. Other than providing services and hosting a henna academy, Dubai Henna also now sells its products. From Organic Jagua Henna and White Henna to Silver and Gold Glitter Henna, you'll have all the options you'll need to fulfill your own designs at home. 

You don't even have to worry about the chemicals that were evident in henna in the past, Dubai Henna specializes in using products that are only officially lab tested and certified by Dubai Municipality. Not to mention that Dubai Henna is also the only approved supplier of White Henna in the UAE.

It's time to get to drawing and designing body-art lovers! Pick up a new hobby in quarantine with Dubai Henna's products, why not?

You can even take courses in Henna Art and find a new beauty route to specialise in through Dubai Henna by Sara. 

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