PSA: Green tea is curing my acne

You're welcome
PSA: Green tea is curing my acne

Acne has been my Achilles heel for a year now, and, to tell you the truth, it has made me really insecure. Going out with a bare face became out of the question - even just popping to the supermarket!

The fact I have combination skin made it even harder to cure acne, because trying to find a balance of cleansing products that don't dry your skin out and at the same time don't make it too oily, was impossible.

For a full year, I’ve been trying different products, going to the doctors...and literally nothing worked. I was even drinking water regularly (eight cups bla bla), but even that wasn't enough for flawless skin.

Days passed, and pimples just come popping up again outta nowhere. But then I found the real green tea!

Every day, one cup - with no sugar - is all you need. Preferably drink it after lunch, which also helps to digest a heavy meal. Just two weeks later, I've seen more and more positive changes as the days go on. Don’t believe me? See before and after pics below!

Before                                                                  After

Yasmin 1 – Acne 0

Green tea has other benefits too. It moisturizes the skin, lessens skin redness and irritations, and prevents skin aging. So, green tea, to say the least, is the solution for all skin problems.

You're welcome!