Top 5 Beauty Items Under Dhs50 Everybody Needs

Beauty does not have to break the bank...
Top 5 Beauty Items Under Dhs50 Everybody Needs
Kiss, blush and tell

The beauty industry is killing it!! (and my bank account). There's so much innovation and these products make our skin look and feeeel good. Quite frankly, it is an addiction that needs to end (sure, right after I get this month's salary). As much as we love applying snail serum and seaweed bath detox, it's time we acknowledged some amazing products that are as effective as the next Dhs350 beauty product. 

1.Chemical Peeling Solution, The Ordinary

The Holy grail of all exfoliators. Although itchy at first, shis products is amazing. This product is perfect for different skin types. With both alpha and beta hydroxy acids, the product promises to minimise blackheads and clean out congested pores, and it does just that. Dhs49.50 from Noon.

2. Eyebrow Gel, L'Oreal

This brow gel is super convenient on a no-makeup day. Eyebrows frame the face and it's important to groom your brows, so they stay in place. This product thickens and tints your brows, adds more colour and definitions. Overall, it gives you a natural looking groomed brows. Dhs43 from Namshi.

3. Lip Gloss, Kiko Milano

This lip gloss takes you from ashy to fancy after one application. It is super pigmented and hydrating. The best thing about this product is that it enhances your lips without feeling stingy. It can be worn alone or with a lip liner. Dhs49 from Namshi (cheaper in store).

4. Nail Polish Top Coat, Sephora

Top coats are truly underrated. They come in handy when you have a bad nail day and we just need to appreciate them more. They'll have your nails looking cute and shiny in a jiff. Dhs30 from Sephora.

5. Moisturizer, Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield

This moisturiser was designed to boost water levels in the skin and it does exactly that. This product is really lightweight and melts into the skin. It also protects against sun damage against harmful UVB and UVA that can cause premature ageing. Dhs31.50 from Noon.