10 Chic Bridal Hairstyles That Prove Less Is More

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10 Chic Bridal Hairstyles That Prove Less Is More

Sometimes, the most underrated step during wedding planning is picking a hairstyle. There are different options to conside when picking a hairstyle, Does it suit you face? Does it fit your dress? can the hairstylist achieve the style? There's so many questions going through your mind and we're here to make the process as easy as it can possibly be. Whether your hair is short or long, an afro or straight, we've got all the bridal hair inspiration you could ever need...

1. A High Bun

A little drama hurt no one. It's your day, you can go as high as you want with this 90's inspired hairstyle. I love that theis style fits any dress and put all the attention on the wedding dress. 

2. The Braid up

This is a beautiful way to have a messy, but still put together hairstyle. It's playful and still elegant.

3. Pinned Mermaid Waves

Take the traditinal beach waves at notch ny adding beautiful sparkly pins to give it a more elegant look. 

4. Double Nut

Why have one bun when you can have two? This is definitely a unique way to design your hair. Roll it into a bun and pin it down.

5. Pixie Cut

If you're wondering how to style a pixie cut on your wedding (or a sa wedding guest), this is a beautiful to make this hairstyle more sophisticated.

6. Curly Princess Hair

The traditional long curl hair never fails. Add a glittery hair pin for more details.

7. Go with the 'Fro

Rock your Afro on your big day with flowers added for design. It's easy. Brush it to one side and accessorise with some roses in your hair.

8. Braided Up

Show off your natural hair in this braided up hairstyle. Accessorisze with some glittery pins.

8. Fish Tail

This hairstyle is forever a classic. You cannot go wrong with fishtails. The attention will definitely be split between your hair and wedding dress. 

Popping Curls 

Tiny curls parted and accessorised with sparkly pins on both sides. One word - beautiful!