20 Of The Prettiest Ombre Nail Designs On Instagram

Whatever your nail shape, we've got you covered...
20 Of The Prettiest Ombre Nail Designs On Instagram
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Forget ombre hair (or don't, because it's oh-so pretty), we're moving on to gradient nails next. Yup, whatever your nail shape, or length, we've got you covered with our edit of the best ombre nail-art designs.

The colour fade manicure is a super-flattering way to give the illusion of longer nails - thanks to the clever gradient effect. And it also comes in handy if you're torn between two different shades of polish - hey, why not wear both?

We've trawled the internet to bring you a definitive round up of the cutest ombre nail designs out there, from one of our favourite nail studios in London, Townhouse, who have totally mastered the glitter ombre nail, btw. To Mei Kawajiri, Instagram’s most viral nail artist who counts the likes of Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande as clients.

Fancy getting in on the ombre? From acrylics, to gels, nudes, to neons and coffin, to almond, don't book your next nail appointment without scrolling through our list of Instagram's prettiest designs first.

1 Cloudy pink
Torn between brights and neutrals? This is the perfect compromise next time you book your manicure appointment.

2 Glitter fade
Opt for a chunky glitter polish for a change of pace on your regular ombre glitter.

3 Neon tips
Dip your toe (of fingertips) in the neon nail trend with this fluro ombre design.

4 Lilac tips
Two of the prettiest pastel nail colours in one look. Love.

5 Reverse metallic
Fancy up those cuticles with a touch of shimmer polish.

6 Chase the rainbow
If you've been on the fence about getting acrylics, these My Little Pony inspired nails will surely push you over.

7 Matte sunset
Thought that ombre designs couldn't work on short nails? Think again.

8 Sprinkle of glitter
We're obsessed with rose gold nails, and this dreamy ombre design is 100% going on our must-try list.

9 Neon fade
Into neon nails? Yup, us too. This pink-meets-red is the perfect colour pop.

10 Just peachy
One look at these summery colours and you'll be craving an iced tea.

11 A touch of holo
A switch on the classic French fade, these holographic tips will make you feel equal parts Disney Princess, equal parts cyborg.

12 Subtle blend
Ombre nails don't always have to be in your face, as this paired back design proves.

13 Jelly tips
Jelly nails were a huge trend for summer 2019, and we're particularly loving this '90s ombre design.

14 Sunny D
If a manicure could encapsulate summer, this would be it.

15 Pastel glitter
Who said you can't have a pastel, ombre, glitter, holographic manicure in one?!

16 Traffic cone orange
If the previous orange design was a bit too subtle for your tastes, this neon orange will most certainly float your boat.

17 Flamin' hot
The coolest thing about these ombre flames? The matte finish.

18 Keep it classy
You can't beat a classic french fade. Just look at that shine.

19 Bright lights
Pastels too soft and neons too bright? This bold manicure lies somewhere in-between.

20 Pink talons
A colour, and shape, that's worth ditching your contact lens for.