This Wishful Skin product is the *genius* hack to cleaning your make-up brushes

I promise this is the hack we've all needed
This Wishful Skin product is the *genius* hack to cleaning your make-up brushes
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I have to admit that make-up brushes get zero love, especially as they get most of the job done. It’s easy to go weeks or months or even actual decades without washing your make-up brush, because who actually has that level of patience? Not me - no, fr who washes their brushes weekly?? 

It's cute to have a wash day for your make-up brushes, but what's even better than a wash day is this spontaneous hack - I promise you, you'll see that you start washing your brushes organically.

'Kay, so the Wishful Skin Clean Genie is *the* product that's about to save your brushes from harbouring bacteria. I mean, if you've ever used this cleansing balm, you'll know that it literally takes products off your face in like two minutes.


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So here's a step-by-step guide to using Clean Genie as a brush cleanser

1. Put a small amount of Clean Genie on your palm. A little goes in a long way when using this product, so don't worry you don't need to use a lot.

2. It's time for the magic; gently dab your dirty brush on your palm and gently massage Clean Genie into the brush. By now, you'll see that your brush is getting softer as the build from the brush melts.

3. When your brush is clean to perfection, rinse off the build-up and apply some shampoo to the brush to wash off the Clean Genie product.

And that's it! Once they’re completely dry, run the bristles over your hand to gently loosen the shape until your brushes look brand-spankin’ new. See? I told you it was the ultimate cleaning hack.

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