The Summer Solstice is here - so celebrate!

It's the longest day of the year, the start of summer, and the beginning of Cancer Season
The Summer Solstice is here - so celebrate!
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The summer solstice is here! June 20 brought the longest day of the year, the start of summer, and the beginning of Cancer Season. The solstice also marks a time of deep reflection, as well as a day to connect with loved ones and celebrate. Let the sunshine in!

Read your summer solstice horoscope:


It’s time to get your life in order, Aries! Put on real pants instead of the quarantine sweats you’ve been lounging in (or at least wash them) and scrub down your space. Cleanse your home by smudging, open up the windows, and throw away last season’s garbage.


Take control of the group chat and plan the most amazing virtual party you can. With your ability to make everyone feel at home (even if you're not together IRL), your Zoom sesh will be the event of the summer.


You’re wanting to expand your bank account, so it's time to explore different side hustles and start working hard. After all, you need to make sure both twins can splurge on new swimsuits this summer. Get moving!


You're an innovator, Cancer, so put your game-changing skills to use. You’ve had time to think about what you want to give to the world—now’s your chance to shine.


You don’t ever turn down an opportunity to show off, so why would the summer solstice be any different? Make sure you're not bragging, but go ahead and celebrate yourself!


Your squad is here for you! Let them help you navigate your goals and desires—and give you some much-needed relationship advice.


You're building your foundation right now, Libra. That means keeping the friends who have proven themselves close to you, and emotionally distancing yourself from those who don't support you.


You’re undergoing a transformation during this solstice, and it will change the course of the summer and maybe even your life (!). Begin new projects (both on the creative and professional front) and take a leap of faith when it comes to love. Let yourself have fun!


Change is happening—but you're resisting it. But Sagittarius, you can't keep everything the same if you want to grow. You can do it!


You've been bickering with your boo—so balance out the power in your relationship to find harmony and avoid drama for the first time in a while. You'll connect on a deeper level during this new season.


How long has it been since you spoke with your BFFs? Call your besties and have a long convo about everything that’s been going on in your lives. They want to hear it!


Say “yes” to all the Zoom party invites in your inbox, or plan your own social distancing get-together. Party planning will motivate you to get out of your head, and who can resist getting all dressed up?

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