PSA: Our entire May/June issue is now available to read online for *free*

*Runs bubble bath in preparation for an evening of reading*
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Self-isolating? Social distancing? Or perhaps you've just read every single book on your shelf and listened to every single podcast in your iTunes library... Well, good news, the entire May/June issue of Cosmopolitan Middle East is now available to read for *free* online. 

In other news, you can read the entire 100th anniversary issue - featuring our first non-female cover star, the amazing Hindash - from the comfort of your bed, bath and beyond. 

Here, at Cosmo ME, we’re dedicated to keep bringing you content in a time like this. As much as we are covering the news – from both a pop cultural standpoint and a more considered and consequential standpoint -, we also don’t want to forget what Cosmo is all about: fun.

So, how can you download our latest issue for free and from abroad? Just type in ‘Cosmopolitan Middle East’ into the App Store, et voila! It really is as simple as that.

Click here to download or here to read online.

Happy reading and stay safe.