What Your Iced-Coffee Grip Says About You

It’s cold-brew season, girls!
What Your Iced-Coffee Grip Says About You
Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly

Single-fisting it

You are ruled by rules and love tradition. Like the type of person who’d eat Cheerios for breakfast for 15 years. If it works, why fix it?

Using a cardboard sleeve

This is the Beyoncé of coffee holds. You’re very particular, and you’re not apologizing for it. Life’s too short for condensation drips on your white jeans.

The clutch from above

Ever openly streamed Queer Eye at work until your boss catches you mid-JVN makeover? Yeah you have. You’re self-assured and not afraid to take risks. We’re just over here praying your lid doesn’t pop off, henny.

Holding on for dear life

You’re probs a smidge shy and somewhat reserved. You’d rather be alone curating your Spotify playlists than hitting happy hour.

Iced year-round?
You are all about individuality and have more chill than the average. Legit no one would be surprised if you sold everything you own to do tarot readings on the beach.

Hot year-round?
You’re a serial killer. Kidding! But you likely do have one MO and love sticking to the plan. You value comfort and routine above all else.

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