Everything You Need To Know About The Jonas Brothers’ “Chasing Happiness” Documentary

The trailer is giving me chills
Everything You Need To Know About The Jonas Brothers’ “Chasing Happiness” Documentary

Stop what you’re doing rn and go and watch the Jonas Brothers’ “Chasing Happiness” trailer!

Okay, now you’ve watched it and felt all those emotional emotions, we can talk. So ICYMI, the Jonas Brothers got back together, released new music and announced that they're going on tour, all within the space of a couple of months. Oh, they also factored in time for a Vegas wedding in-between. So yeah, they’ve been quite the busy brother bees lately, and now they’re going to show us exactly how busy; courtesy of their Amazon Prime documentary, "Chasing Happiness".

It's set to release on June 4, so cancel all your plans for that day because you'll need time to recover from this emotional trip, trust me. 

There was quite a lot to dissect in the trailer (in the midst of all my infinite tears ofc) so let's not waste any more time and get cracking. Here are all the key moments from the trailer:

1. "He is my Best Friend"


We see Joe Jonas in the trailer, looking all teary-eyed, saying, "What hurt the most was that it came from Nick. He is my best friend." I'm sorry, is someone cutting onions? 

Now, we all know that Nick Jonas was responsible for the Jonas Brothers splitting up six years ago and tbh I'm still finding it hard to forgive him, but he had his reasons. From what we were shown, in the way too brief trailer, there was a lot conflict going on behind the scenes for the Jonases. The doc may finally help us understand Nick's point of view and why he initiated the break in the first place. Frankie-ly speaking (that's the fourth and forgotten brother FYI), we need answers. 

2. Nick and Priyanka's Wedding

Was it just me who replayed the Nick and Priyanka wedding scene at least ten times to catch a closer glimpse of what looked like an incredible day? The clip showed Priyanka being escorted down the aisle by her mother and the couple sharing the most swoon-worthy, loved up gaze. Here's hoping we get to see more wedding snippets of the pair when the documentary drops because believe it or not, I still haven't gotten enough of the Nick/PeeCee wedding(s)!

3. The Jonas Babies


The documentary teased many baby clips of the Jo Bros and honestly, it was actually the cutest thing ever. The doc promises to show fans exactly how the brothers started their career in music, their rise to fame that happened almost overnight and, how they got to where they are today. And to that I say, bring on the baby videos! 

4. The Jonai Clan


There were so many tiny bits that showed the personal lives of the Jonas Brothers and what exactly they did during their six year hiatus; something we'd all like to see, I'm sure. There was clip of Kevin with his adorable baby, Joe and Sophie being #couple goals, and a video of Priyanka whispering, "everything's amazing". So. Much. To. Uncover. 

It's safe to say that the Jonas fans are beyond excited for this documentary, and prepping themselves mentally for the month of June. 

If I had to sum up my ample emotions regarding the trailer, in one tweet it would be so:

This one too:

June 4 can't get here fast enough. 

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