Karen Wazen reveals her struggle with body image saying she crash dieted to lose weight before influencer trips

The Cosmo cover star said that she felt pressured to go on a crash diet ahead of an influencer trip
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Within the social media zeitgeist, there are few accounts more cherished for their family friendly content, dreamy outfits, beauty goals, and sunny disposition than Karen Wazen. And in real life, the Lebanese beauty possesses an ebullient optimism and sense of humour that totally matches her Instagram persona. 

However, the mother-of-three has no qualms about keeping it real and taking on more difficult topics. In an letter penned to her pre-pandemic self as part of our July/August cover, Karen opens up about the issues she has faced with body image. 

The founder of By Karen Wazen wrote that she felt pressured to go on a crash diet ahead of an influencer trip to Brazil, so she would fit in amongst other women with small body types. 

"Remember that trip you took to Brazil last year?" she asks herself. "The one that you knew would be full of women who were #BodGoals, and would be taking loads of bikini-clad pictures on the beach? You put so much pressure on yourself before that trip to have a certain body type. You cut out carbs, changed your eating habits, and reached your goal weight by June...and ended up putting all that weight back on after you got home."

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