Birth Control Pill Is Set To Become Prescription-Only In Dubai

The pill was previously available over-the-counter
Birth Control Pill Is Set To Become Prescription-Only In Dubai
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Access to birth control pills is set to become more regulated in Dubai, as authorities have made moves to make it prescription-only, in line with the Abu Dhabi regulations. 

According to Gulf Business, "Pharmacies in the emirate have been warning buyers that the rule change will soon take effect, leading to mass purchases and a shortage of stock in some outlets."

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The publication went on to explain that random checks of pharmacies, to regulate the prescription only rule, explaining, "The health authority has also been conducting inspections of pharmacies to ensure they are no longer offering the pill over the counter, according to staff... Sex outside of marriage is illegal in the UAE and other forms of contraception like the morning after pill are banned."

The pill's predominate use is as a birth control, however, according to NHS Direct, other advantages of the medication include:

Often making bleeds regular, lighter and less painful

  • Reducing your risk of cancer of the ovaries, womb and colon
  • It can reduce symptoms of PMS
  • It can sometimes reduce acne
  • It may protect against pelvic inflammatory disease
  • It may reduce the risk of fibroids, ovarian cysts and non-cancerous breast disease