An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses In 2017 And It's Perfect

That make-up though...
An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses In 2017 And It's Perfect
Laura BeckBy Laura Beck -

Up until now, we couldn't have imagined Belle from Beauty and the Beast wearing anything other than her yellow gathered ballgown. And Cinderella may be based in years gone by, but she still had the coolest shoes in existence. Their outfits make the Disney princesses unique, and if it ain't broke... right?

Wrong. Chilean artist Fernanda Suarez drew up a group of ~modern~ Disney princesses, and she totally nailed their 2017 looks. It's my favourite take on the "Disney princesses as" since "Disney Princesses as jam splattered on pieces of toast."

She captures the essence of each of the princesses in a way that most of us would never have thought of, but makes perfect sense. I guess that's art! Amazing!

Anyway, she's certainly painting with all the colors of the wind, and we're into it...


Mulan has some of the most perfect eyebrows in existence, and check out that ear bling. Perfect for a warrior.


Suarez even managed to make Ariel's shell bra into a thing, thanks to her very modern sheer top. That hair! Those freckles! That adorable Sebastian tattoo!


Jasmine has the kind of plait I've wanted since I was a child, and a cat in place of her tiger, Rajah.


With more than a hint of Emma Watson about her, Belle wears her rose on her sleeve.

Snow White

Snow White's long hair has been swapped for a Selena-style bob and cute headband.


While Pocahontas is still working the long, sleek style.


Cinderella has the messy bun we all dream of, with a stylish version of her scrubs.


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