Youtube’s 'Best Cover Ever' Might Just Be The Next 'American Idol'

The chance to sing with Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Jason Derulo is up for grabs!
Youtube’s 'Best Cover Ever' Might Just Be The Next 'American Idol'
By Rana Hasan -

Best Cover Ever is a brand new talent series, which is currently being shown on YouTube. The show brings together some of the biggest names in the music industry and asks their fans to submit their best covers, in a bid to compete for the grand prize of… drum roll please… 


The opportunity to perform a duet with their favourite artist.

The incredible line-up of musicians scheduled to take part in the show includes Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Keith Urban, Nicky Jam, Backstreet Boys, Charlie Puth, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo and the members of DNCE, Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee.

And rules are simple

Each episode will feature one recording artist and that artist selects a shortlist of fans’ submitted videos from around the world. They also might instruct how the chosen song should be played. Other than that, the contestants have a pretty free rein, as long as it does not straight-up duplicate the original. 


Then, the producer and artist, along with YouTube, will pick the lucky contestants for the Competition Round, and the contestants then have the opportunity to sing their previous songs once again, or perform brand new ones.

The lucky, and talented, winners of each episode will then be given the opportunity to record their cover along with their favourite artist and even perform live with them.

Executive producer Ryan Seacrest explains American Idol-esque show here: 

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