Why You Should Try… Boxing

Where to spar like the stars in Dubai
Why You Should Try… Boxing
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By Farah Andrews -

Boxing is the celeb-approved workout of the moment, so we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the sport, from where to get your box on here in Dubai, to the major body benefits you’ll enjoy.

The Celeb Fans…

Gigi Hadid 

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Gigi on boxing: "I had to start boxing because I missed working on something and learning and I guess there's a little more aggression in boxing. I couldn't really get that side of me out, but I used to be able to by hitting a volleyball. That's why I started boxing."

Ellie Goulding

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Ellie on boxing: "I've been boxing for the past couple of years and I'm really good at it: I'm scarily good at it. Boxing is my ****. I might start sparring soon. Maybe that's why I get the respect I do, because people are scared that I could literally beat them up, which is great because not many people expect that from a woman."

Karlie Kloss 

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Karlie on boxing: "Never forget what you're fighting for"

Feel The Benefits  

PT, Kayleigh Dawson, @fitnessbarbiedxb, gave us her top three boxing benefits:

  1. It is a great cardio workout that’s not boring!
    Who wants to do 45 minutes on the treadmill…. no one! Boxing is great fun, diverse and burns lots of calories in every session.
  2. Improves total body strength
    During a boxing session you will work the whole body, through the different types of movements, including squats, press ups, punches, skipping etc.
  3. It decreases stress
    Day-to-day work life can be pretty stressful! Nothing beats work stress like punching it out in a boxing ring.

Where To Box In Dubai

1. Try it at 9Round Fitness Gym
We love this kickboxing gym! Set out as nine boxing-themed circuits, which last three and a half minutes each – the 30 minute workout goes by crazy fast, as you punch, kick and sweat your way through! The trainers are super hands on, and guide you through all of the stations safely, pushing you at every step. 9Round is located by Al Thanya, off Sheikh Zayed Road, the super-fast high intensity sessions are ideal for before or after work, or even during your lunch break! Plus, your first session is free, so drop in any time.
Visit 9round.com

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2. Get in the ring at Fit Boys Gym
Located in JLT and owned by local boxer Milad Saadati, Fit Boys Gym is a boxing and martial arts center where you get to train and learn from professional fighters. Unlike its name, Fit Boys is open for females too where evening classes are from 6.30pm until 8pm and 8pm until 9.30pm. Morning classes on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday are from 9am until 10am. 
Visit fitboysgym.com